Laminated Soundboard Rib Sets

Farrell Piano manufactures laminated ribs to your specifications for your remanufacturing project. Numerous radii are kept in stock for immediate shipment. I can also build ribs to other radii to meet your needs. Ribs can be supplied oversized in raw form for you to dimension, taper and finish, or we can do that to your specifications.
Rib laminates are sliced on the bandsaw from hand-selected Sitka spruce stock, which has been carefully dried for at least a year in a controlled environment.
After a careful, even application of aliphatic resin glue, rib laminates are placed on a curved caul in a 20,000 lb pneumatic press to cure. The press forms the laminates to the correct radii, as specified by the customer.
The result is Sitka ribs (a slab of ribs in this picture) that exhibit excellent uniformity and predictable performance characteristics.
Finally, individual ribs are ripped to width from the rib slab and are planed (if desired) to their final shape. Here, ribs #1 and #2 have been shaped, and rib #3 is ready to be planed to shape. Also shown next to rib#1 is a loose maple veneer stiffener.
Please contact me to discuss how Farrell Piano can craft a set of ribs for your restoration project.

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