Farrell Piano specializes in performance-enhancing remanufacturing. Any production piano can be remanufactured to sound and play better than when it was new. This is done in a variety of ways – some old (but sadly forgotten by most manufacturers or discarded because of cost) and some new:
  • Action geometry optimization
  • Action mass optimization and grading
  • Materials that exceed new quality
  • Judicious redesign of rim, soundboard and string scale.
  • Laminated wooden components for improved property uniformity
  • Epoxy-laminated wooden components for increased strength and longevity

I remanufacture only a select number of pianos per year and make no compromises in my work. In fact that is my niche – remanufacturing pianos for the pianist who wants something more that what is available in today’s new piano showrooms. Please contact me to discuss making your piano a better-than-new high performer. I also have a small collection of premium late 19th and early 20th Century pianos available for remanufacturing stock.

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