Sitka Spruce Soundboard Panels

Farrell Piano custom crafts the finest quality Sitka spruce soundboard panels.
The Sitka Spruce that I use in my soundboard panels is imported from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This beautiful stock is hand-selected to meet stringent grain density specifications. It is acquired green and air-dried in tightly controlled environmental conditions for at least a full year. Then it is equilibrated with the environment in my climate-controlled shop at 45% relative humidity before it is used.
I carefully re-saw the seasoned Sitka boards to produce true quarter-sawn flitches for my soundboard panels.
The edges of individual flitches that make up the soundboard are hand-planed so that each mating edge is perfectly fit. With proper gluing technique, this creates a glue joint that is stronger than the wood itself.
All good woodworkers know what this is ....... a good glue joint!
Here we see three flitches that have just been removed from clamping following glue-up.
After the subpanels are glued and planed to constant thickness, the subpanels edges are jointed and the subpanels are glued together and clamped. In this photo, two subpanels are clamped and two are in the foreground awaiting jointing.
Here we see a complete soundboard panel in clamps during the final round of glue-up.
Next comes the laborious job of hand planing the panel to desired thickness and taper per design.
If the panel is to be ribbed in my shop, it is dried to design moisture content in the insulated and thermostatically controlled soundboard conditioning box.
A finished soundboard panel.
Soundboard panels that will be shipped are carefully packaged in a strong, padded, water-resistant shipping container.
Please contact me to discuss how Farrell Piano can craft a fine Sitka spruce soundboard for your restoration project.

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